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Clear Space.
Clear Mind.

Space Mind Healing is a Professional Home Organizer service based in Emmaus, Pennsylvania. I specialize in transforming living spaces and setting up easy-to-maintain systems for staying organized, all while creating a peaceful atmosphere in your home.


Whether it's a closet, kitchen, or a new home setup, I am here to help transform any space into your sanctuary!


Lovely Meeting You! I'm Katia.
Your Space Mind Organizer.

Growing up in Italy, I moved often since childhood. The many times I packed up my life have taught me a lot about adapting and creating a sense of home in ever-changing environments. As the years went by, I have come to appreciate the beauty of organizing spaces in a way that makes them pleasant to the eyes and functional. Developing skills in organizing cluttered rooms and creating peaceful environments, I began receiving frequent requests from friends and family for assistance. This eventually led me to choose Professional Organizer as my career path.


Through my work with numerous clients, I have realized that organizing a space is not only about physical labor but can also profoundly impact one's mental and emotional well-being. Keen to expand my abilities to offer more assistance, I studied and became a Certified Life Coach (ICF PCC) and recently founded Space Mind Healing.

My Passion is to bring your vision to life and, more importantly, support you in exploring and transforming your spaces in a way that works for you and with you. I aim to offer an emotional reset through decluttering and organization for lasting peace and enjoyment in your home.


Whether it is a small closet or an entire household, I am here to assist you in creating a peaceful and comfortable living space that will continue to promote a calming atmosphere long after our work is completed. LET' S DO THIS!

Katia Phillips Professional Organizer
Katia Phillips - Professional Organizer. ICF PCC Life Coach

What I Can Do For You

Organized Minimalist Desk

How Does It Work?


  • Consultation 45 min – Free In-Person - Video Call

  • We’ll talk about the project(s) at hand and your goals for the space.

  • Determine job requirements. 

  • Estimate amount of hours needed.

  • Schedule times for working.


What Does The Session Include:

  • Travel time and expenses (up to 30 miles).

  •  Help declutter and organize any space by determining what to keep, donate, or sell.

  • Creating organization solutions to fit your needs.​

  • Donation and garbage removal (one carload per session)

  • Household hazardous waste disposal and more

  • 100% judgment-free​​

  • Standard labels for containers and files.

  • Homework to help you keep progressing if you are interested. (only for packages)

  • Having Fun and Getting Things Done!

  • Discount For Package (see offer below).

White Bedroom Concept

Individual Sessions - Up to two sessions. Ideal for smaller projects like a single closet or pantry. Duration: 3 hours

  • Cost: $230 per session

  • Extended Session Option: for an additional hour to wrap things up. * Limited to 1 hr Costs $60

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Interior Design

Package Sessions - Three or more sessions: Best for larger projects and multiple areas of attention. Duration: 3 hr

  • Cost: $200 per session 

  • Extended Session Option: for an additional hour to wrap things up. * Limited to 1 hr Costs $50

  • Same-Day Follow-Up: Continue progress with an additional session on the same day, schedule permitting.

  • Cost: $200 for an extra 3-hour session

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Moving Boxes

Move-In/Out Packages

  • New to the area or downsizing your home? I'm here to help with practical and efficient moving assistance!

  • 1 hr Cost $75

  • ​1 hr Cost $ 150 w/two organizers

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Monthly Subscription

  • Subscribe monthly for a 3-hour session to maintain and refresh your space every month. Note: Available only for advanced package clients. Minimum 3-month commitment. 

  • Cost: $190 per session

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Additional Services

  • Product Research. Need help finding organizational tools? I'll provide a tailored list with item descriptions, prices, and where to buy.

    • Cost: $40 per hour

  • Shopping Assistance. Decided on your items but don't have the time to shop? I can purchase and deliver them to you, making your organizational project even more effortless.

    • Cost: $50 per hour (within 20 miles of Emmaus; additional travel costs for further distances

  • Refer & Save program (*Reserved for clients who've completed a 3-session package): For each referral leading to a booking, you and your friend get a $25 discount on your next session.

What My Clients Say.

"I would highly recommend Katia to anyone looking to get organized and looking to maintain an organized and less cluttered environment. Katia is thoughtful, kind, practical, and purposeful in her approach to organizing. She created an organized system in my home efficiently and calmly, allowing me space to sort through years of built-up “stuff”. She lovingly created organization from my cluttered chaos. Believe it or not, the process was enjoyable and very rewarding, and I’m so grateful to her. Don’t think twice about letting Katia into your space! She’s the best!"

Olivia Pierattoni

"Hiring Katia was the best decision ever. I was lost after moving, facing stacks of boxes. Katia didn't just unpack; she organized my kitchen in a way that was easy to follow. Now, I find what I need instantly."

Alina Mostvesky

My cluttered space was embarrassing. Katia didn't just tidy up; she made my home inviting and a space for me to relax again. I just hosted my first dinner party in years. So grateful!

Patrick Desai

Before & After Projects

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Book a Free Consultation

In-Person: Meet face-to-face for a comprehensive understanding of your space.

Via Zoom or Video Call: Get the same detailed consultation from home.

Phone Call + Pictures: Discuss your organizing needs and expectations over a call.


Emmaus, PA

(up to 60 Miles)

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