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As a personal organizer, I am very well aware, of how decluttering and reorganization can bring peace to the mind and body. Similarly, the smudging ritual can be a powerful and beneficial act of self-care that can release anxiety and purify the body and surroundings, perfectly aligning with the motto "clear space, clear mind." Hence, the creation of the Ritual Collection, Olivia Dei Miracoli. 

The name is a celebration of my best friend and soul sister, Olivia, and the magic of our friendship. Our relationship has always been about heartfelt conversations, mutual introspection, joy, and unwavering support. Each wand is carefully and lovingly handcrafted and carries a piece of this miracle.
At Olivia Dei Miracoli, every smudge wand is meticulously crafted in a serene environment, accompanied by tranquil music, creating a meditative journey infused with intention, love, and serenity. We carefully source each flower and herb to meet the highest standards, ensuring ethically harvested ritual products. Every wand is a unique creation, carrying peaceful energy just for you.

To use the sage wand and palo santo, light the end of the wand, let it burn for a few seconds, and then blow out the flame. The smudge stick will release fragrant smoke that you can use to cleanse your space and enhance tranquility in your life.
At Olivia Dei Miracoli, we aim to help women embrace the big and small miracles in their lives and connect with their self-love through small yet significant rituals. Our smudges celebrate the bond between nature and the soul. Try our smudging ritual and experience, bringing serenity and clarity to your day!
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