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Experience the serenity of our unique smudge stick and palo santo bundle, complete with a beautiful, all-natural abalone shell. This shell provides a safe place for your sage and palo santo during rituals and makes for an exquisite gift.


Abalone shells, revered in spiritual practices, symbolize emotional harmony, familial bonds, and the nurturing aspects of motherhood. They are believed to bring peace and tranquility to your rituals, creating a sense of connection and resonance with the spiritual world. Each bundle is carefully wrapped to ensure its protection and purity.


Floral sage smudge stick: 4 inches
Palo Santo bundle: 1 piece
Abalone shell: 5-6 inches


Note: Each piece is unique. Size and color varies from bundle to bundle

Signature Collection: Flower Smudge Wand, Palo Santo, & Abalone Shell

  • Ethically sourced and sacred wildcrafted,California white sage , local lavender, rose petals, red cedar, or rosemary, hemp cord.


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